About Us

Jim Perry is a photographer of landscape settings, specializing in ‘first light,’ dawn, and sunrise. He’s been a resident of Door County since April, 1977. As a man of many interests and skills, his photography encompasses a wide range of views and images.
He’s always enjoyed photographing and taking more unconventional and unusual pictures.

Visit the shop and view the various pictures and pricing of the wide range of media available for printing (glass, metal, acrylic, canvas, & matted prints). There’s a wide range of sizes and dimensions offered, and more available that are not listed.

Short lines of poety, haiku, and expressions of feelings and thoughts are often parts of the photographic process for Jim. In the late 60s he started reading (and studying) Alan Watts, an Englishman who studied Zen in Japan and then wrote books for westerners to bridge the understanding between the cultures of the meditative process. In 1972, he began the formal practice of meditation and in the mid 90s he joined the Hollow Bones group and has attended well over 20 sessions. During that time he became a steady Yoga practitioner and completed a 500 eRYT program under the direction of Kathleen Kelly, founder and owner of Bay Area Yoga, Green Bay, WI.

Also in that same time frame, 1994 through 2006, he visited a fasting & cleansing retreat in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Embarking on a path of health and nutritional awareness and completing week long cleansing programs 20 times or more. I truly appreciate and treasure this daily practice of “Movement – Meditation – Mindfulness”.

Areas of professional study:

  • Mankind Project Training completed 2006.
  • Professional Calisthenics Certification (2013),
  • Functional Movement Systems (FMS Level 1, 2016),
  • 500 hr ERYT 2016 (Yoga Teacher Training Certificate),
  • Original Strength Level 1 Coach (2018),
  • Parkinson’s Regeneration Training (Level 2) in July 2018.
  • October 2019 Original Strength Level 2 Certified Pro Coach,
  • 2-year Screen/Assessment (OSSA) certificate.

In January, 2018, I formed, First Light Arts LLC, to offer the services of Restoring Movement classes and First Light Photography.