Restoring Movement

Would you like to regain a sense of positive movement, better balance, ease of walking with a swinging gait, improved stability, strength, and flexibility?

As we make changes to the way we move in our daily activities, our life begins to have a more positive feel to it, inside and out! Every time we move or don’t move, we affect our brain. We are made to move, and we need to move often.

Changing how we move and how often we move changes our lives!

The Restoring Movement Classes, using the Original Strength© #Pressing RESET methods, reconnects us with the primary postures and patterns we were born with.

Original Strength© is a restorative system of movement that uses our primary developmental system, known as the Neurodevelopmental Sequence (NDS), as a basis for postures and patterns for movement and development.

The postures are; supine, prone, quadruped, sitting, kneeling, and standing.

The patterns of movement between the postures are; diaphragmatic breathing, head movement, (leading with the eyes), reaching, rolling, rocking, crawling, squatting, pushing down (climbing up), and walking.

The Four core precepts of Original Strength© are:

  1. Our body is made to move well, move often, and be strong.
  2. Our body is capable of healing itself.
  3. Our body is preprogrammed with movement patterns that enable it to stay strong and repair itself.
  4. Restoration starts where we are and however we are, whatever state we are in. This is square one!

All of us, from birth up to 2 years, follow the same sequence and patterns of movement development via the (NDS). When these movements are learned they are not forgotten.

Starting at birth with diaphragmatic breathing, progressing to head/neck movement and control, a predictable series of postures and patterns take us through the supine (on our backs), rolling to prone (on our stomachs), pushing up to quadruped (hand & knees), sitting, crawling, kneeling, standing and walking.

The vestibular system is active in the womb 5 months after conception. These postures and patterns of movement (listed above) are being developed in our system from that point on. They are literally embedded into our vestibular system and combine with our nervous system when we begin to move. Our movement in these years creates the pathways in our brains that enable us to coordinate ourselves. Movement feeds our brains and creates growth!

We don’t forget how to move.

The three guiding principles of the OS system are:

  1. Diaphragmatic breathing (breathing from the “belly”)
  2. Stimulating and energizing the vestibular system.
  3. Moving cross-laterally, (crossing the midline), and contra-laterally, (opposite limbs extending).

#Pressing RESET is engaging the system (NDS) and information we are all born with. This set of predictable postures and patterns, which make up the NDS, guide our way from birth to rolling, rocking, crawling, standing and walking. Pressing RESET is activating the memory of those patterns, enabling us through practice and repetition, to improve and restore our movement range, flexibility, stability, and strength.

Diaphragmatic breathing, engaging our vestibular system, and performing cross lateral and/or contralateral movements stimulate the brain to create new neural connections and re-energize old ones. What ‘fires’ together ‘wires’ together. This is similar to rebooting a computer, phone, or other preprogrammed device.

Pressing RESET, helps restore our movement patterns, range of motion, stability, strength and flexibility. It significantly reverses and improves the effects of sitting, lack of movement, injury, and other inhibitors to movement. The speed of change is regulated by the nervous system and each of us will have a different speed of regeneration and change.

From the very beginning we know how to breathe diaphragmatically. This is a primary RESET, and is one of the guiding principles of the OS system.

These principles enable us to press RESET by practicing basic movements.

  1. Diaphragmatic breathing
  2. Head Control (vestibular system)
  3. Rolling
  4. Rocking
  5. Crawling, and contra-lateral, mid-line crossing movements.

These basic, fundamental movements are at the core of how we are designed to move. It is up to us to create our intention to move, to move as well as we are able, and to move as often as opportunities arise.

The scale of assessment for movement in the Original Strength© System starts with “good”. The quality of our movement is good from the start.

We start where and however we are.

We progress towards better and continue on to the best we can do given what we have to work with. Everyone is exactly where they’re meant to be.

We learn to accept, embrace, and be grateful for that.

All of these simple and fundamental movements can be done in a chair, along or against a wall, on the floor, even lying supine on the floor on in a bed.

We add ‘progressions’ to the basic movements to increase the effort and create mobility, stability, and strength.

When pressing RESET, we do not move into pain.

Even the smallest of movements can become a RESET.

Pain stops the nervous system from processing the RESET. Workaround the pain and not through it. No pain, no gain, is a myth.

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